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When you have drain line problems, we recommend you contact our sewer and septic services professionals to repair or provide new drain line installation within a quick turnaround. Most of all, we provide customers with prevention tips to help avoid certain sewer and septic plumbing problems.

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The majority of drain line problems can be easily avoided if you take precautionary measures and such as the following preventive tips:

  • Use a strainer in your bathroom drain to help avoid blockage problems often caused by hair strands and soap particles.
  • Make sure you avoid dropping small items in your bathroom sink such as soap bars, brushes, toys or other objects that contribute to blocking the drain.
  • Avoid flushing paper towels, diapers, wipes, garbage such as plastic wrappers or any kind of object that may block your drain.
  • In the kitchen you should never pour hot cooking grease down the kitchen sink. When hot grease is cooled, it becomes a thick substance that can cause serious drainage problems. After washing pots and pans, pour hot water down the drain to help dissolve any kind of dirt or grease particles.

Often times, when people have drainage problems, they use liquid plumbing treatments to help unclog drains. Although many liquid drainage treatments on the market are effective, these home remedies are only temporary.

If you find yourself pouring liquid plumbing treatments on a frequent basis, this is a sign that you may have a more serious problem with your drain line. To avoid costly plumbing repairs and installation costs, consider having a certified plumber check your drain line. They will be able to provide you with drain line repair or installation services to help fix your plumbing problem.

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